Can You Combine a New Home with Your Family’s Favorite Vacation Spot?

Finding a plan for your summer vacation is a relief. And while it is important to have the perfect plan, it is also important to realize that the important part is the time you spend with your family, not always where you are at.

One of the best ways to approach your vacation, however, can help you manage the plans for your next trip. By asking your children to help make plans for the next trip that you take, for instance, you can create an adventure that you will all enjoy. And while many of us think about renting a cabin or staying in a hotel when we travel, there is another option that many families are taking advantage of. Combining a favorite vacation spot with a new home can help you make the most of the times when you are your family get to gather. In fact, there are many popular vacation spots that offer a number of new construction homes. Some, in fact, offer acreage homes for sale that can serve as a great family get away.

With new construction homes in the best location for your spouse and children, you can increase the amount of FAMILY TIME that you get to spend.

  • Finding the time for vacation can be one of the biggest challenges for most families. With work and school schedules, in fact, it can seem like a vacation is never going to happen.
  • As long as you get to spend time with your children and your spouse, it does not really matter the location. From a trip to the mountains to a long week at the beach, there are many places where you can spend a few days away from home.
  • Most family trips work best if they are a combination of busy days seeing the sights and down days when you can longe around the hotel, the pool, or the camp site.
  • Instead of always thinking that you have to stay in the fanciest of hotels, it is important to know that there are also times when you can enjoy a less expensive stay at a campground or an affordable shared economy home.
  • Leaving the work behind is the most important part of a vacation. Knowing that you are going to be with your children away from the office can be the best kind of vacation.
  • You will come back to work with new energy when you actually take the time to vacation and get away from the office.

  • Time spent out in the great outdoors is one of the best ways to make sure that your family really enjoys their vacation time.
  • Instead of letting your vacation days go unused because you fear you are too busy to get away, it is important to know that it is the time with your family that you will never be able to replace.
  • Millennials make up the largest percentage of home owners at 45% and they are also the crop that most often wants to consider new construction homes in an effort to spend less time on maintenance.
  • Estimates show that new subdivisions and large acreage homesites are increasingly popular as more and more families want to create a permanent or vacation home that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Real estate agents know that first-time homeowners made up 42% of shoppers in 2019, and this looks like a trend that will continue in many parts of the country.

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