How You Can Improve The Quality Of Air In Your Home With Paint

Air pollution is a huge problem, and it is something many people underestimate. While our minds may conjure up images of large cities when we think about air pollution, the truth is that pollution of this sort if present even in our own homes. In fact, the pollutants inside of our homes are some of the largest contributors to respiratory health hazards, and as such it’s important that we take steps to improve the quality of air in our homes.

You may be surprised to know that paint, particularly the type that contains VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), are one of the leading contributors of this problem. The health effects from VOCs can cause allergy-like symptoms including, coughing and wheezing, eye-watering, and throat and nose irritation, along with numerous respiratory issues. One of the best ways to prevent these issues is by using air-purifying paints.

You might have heard of low VOC paint; however, air purifying paint takes things a step further. These non toxic paints contain an anti-formaldehyde compound with active carbon molecules that works by absorbing the contaminated air and converting it into clean air and water vapor.

Choices Of Air Purifying Paints

When trying to select the best air purifying paint, there are many different choices.

  • Some brands of paint focus specifically on eliminating odors and germs, along with containing naturally antibacterial properties that help prevent the spread of harmful bacteria in your home. Paints like this can also help prevent mold and rotting, which is good for those who live in moist humid environments. These types of low odor paints also won’t release harmful vapor while being applied, meaning you won’t experience any irritation, nausea, or headaches, while painting your home.
  • Other types of paint carry similar odor control benefits while containing no VOCs these can not only provide resistance to mold and cracking, but also help regulating temperature and humidity. Some of these paints even have burning points of up to 1200 degrees Celcius, making your home a bit safer should a disaster strike.

These types of paint are available in many different brands and colors, making it extremely easy to find something suitable for your home and lifestyle. If you live in a densely populated city, this type of paint can be invaluable in helping keep the inside of your home as healthy as possible.

Low VOC Paint

If you’re uncertain about making the change to air purifying paint, consider simply purchasing low VOC paint the next time you repaint your home. While they don’t have the same purifying properties, they can help reduce the toxic chemicals that make it into your air. A couple benefits of these paints can include:

  • Reduction of allergy-causing toxins in your air.
  • Reduction of contaminants that can affect landfills, groundwater reservoirs, and the ozone layer.
  • Easier to clean when compared to other paint options.
  • A lower impact on air quality in your home.
  • A lower release of toxic vapor in your home.
  • Quick drying when compared to other options.
  • Better coverage when applied to deeper colors or flaws in the wall structure.

If you are looking to improve the air quality in your home, consider the options above. Whether you choose air purifying paint, or paint with low or no VOCs, you can make a difference in the quality of what you breathe. If you have any questions, speaking with your local paint supplier can help you better understand which option is best for your situation!

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