When Was the Last Time You Had a Plumbing Emergency at Your Home?

Sometimes we get so buried in our social media feeds and so wrapped up in our technology that we forget just how much anxiety a plumbing emergency can cause. In a time when it seems like technology rules the day, it probably should come as no surprise that there are far more people entering into data security fields than plumbing. But the next time you have to struggle to find an emergency plumbing service on a weekend you might begin to see why there are so many people advising today’s youth to consider the trade industry. We live in a generation where everyone thinks that they need to get a four year college degree. But it is also an age where some property owners have to wait weeks, and sometimes months, to get a roofing contractor to take care of storm damage.

Emergency plumbing situations, obviously, must be dealt with immediately, but in a time when the trades are not seeing as many people enter these fields, clients are paying significant amounts of money for these services. And while sewer and drain cleaning may not seem like a glamorous career, it is a field that pays a high salary rate to workers who do not have to incur the expense of a four year college degree. Eventually master plumbers and electricians, as well as other trade workers, will need to enter job shadowing, mentoring, or apprenticeship programs if they want to reach the top levels of their fields, but there are now companies that are in such desperate need for the most skilled worker that the cost of these programs are often covered.

Plumbing Emergency Situations Require Immediate Skilled Attention

Today’s high school graduates are faced with some pretty daunting choices. They can attend a college and accrue thousands of dollars of debt to enter a career that might not pay enough to make student loan amounts or they can enter a work force that relies on paying minimum wage so that large corporations can make profits. Fortunately, there is a slice of the work force economy that may provide a much better option. With training in the right kinds of skilled crafts, many high school graduates can find themselves trained in important skills that are in high demand. In fact, with the help of some local community colleges and local businesses, some high school students are actually able to try out some of these careers even before they earn their high school diplomas. From plumbing emergency situations to exterior home maintenance to put repair, there are a number of careers that are desperate for a new generation of workers.

With local internship programs that are the result of schools, businesses, and community colleges working together, there are many cities that are making progress in their efforts to recruit a new generation of worker to the skilled crafts that are in such high demand.

Indoor plumbing dates back to at least 2500 B.C., and it is but one example of the many ways that societies have attempted to master the power of a natural resource. And while the need for plumbing emergency services today may seem centuries away from those first civilizations that first carved water lines out of rock and marble, we have all become a society that relies on many modern conveniences. ften today’s youth are forced to think that a four year college degree is the answer to creating a successful life. And while it is definitely true that advanced training is important, many of the most sought after workers need to be coming from trade schools and skilled work internships. Knowing that you can help with tasks that do not involve computer programming and the latest engineering skills means that you will be a worker in high demand.

It is easy to get caught up in our digital lives and believe that technology is all that maters. It is also important, however, to know that average U.S. families use more than 300 gallons of water and are often in need of someone to repair leaks and other problems. From electricity to plumbing to other avenues that make our lives more comfortable, we are often a nation of people desperate skilled workers.


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