3 Reasons Why You Must Have Soft-Close Hinges in Your Cabinet

The demand for tall kitchen cabinets is projected to grow by 7.7% yearly; whereas base cabinets’ demand is expected to increase by 5.2% annually. Essentially, cabinet market valuation will reach $17.1% billion by 2021. Based on these statistics, it is evident that the industry’s gains greatly originate from different residential remodeling projects for kitchens. In 2018 alone, 14% of homeowners planned to make improvements to their kitchens. These facts will help you know more about the cabinet industry.

1. Why You Should Install Soft-Close Hinges In Your Cabinets

When shopping for your new kitchen cabinets, you should consider adding soft close cabinet door hinges. Soft close hinges have an appealing look, boost the ease of cabinet usage, and are quieter compared to other hinges that make distinct sounds when you open or close your cabinet. Soft close hinges enhance the appearance of your semi-custom cabinet by providing an attractive look. When you fix soft close hinges, only the beautiful finish of the kitchen cabinet will be visible because the hinges are normally inside the cabinet. That implies that nothing will alter with your cabinet’s beautiful wood grain and color.

These hinges are greatly known for promoting silence. You are assured of a quiet food preparation environment when you make soft close hinges part of your kitchen cabinet. These hinges allow you to be busy in the kitchen without slamming cabinet doors. In essence, soft close hinges ease the operations in the kitchen significantly. These hinges make work easier because you do not have to physically close them. They are made in a way that they can shut the cabinet’s door automatically, thus simplifying your work. You will no longer have the hassle of trying to close the door using your chin or feet just because your hands are occupied.

2. Choosing Appropriate Cabinet and Drawer Locks

Individuals, including contractors, find it daunting to select the right drawer and cabinet locks. With the numerous styles available, you will likely be confused when choosing your right fit. In this case, it is important to know the different lock styles in the market. There are four lock styles: magnet drawer/cabinet locks, spring action locks, sliding locks, and adhesive locks. Different lock types possess different advantages and disadvantages. In this regard, you should weigh the cons and pros considering before deciding to purchase one.

3. How to Baby Proof Your Home

Annually, homeowners remodel over 10.2 million kitchens and 14.2 million bathrooms. Different factors contribute to the need to remake bathrooms and kitchens, including the acquiring of a child in a home. Once children have been brought into a home, alterations must take place to enhance their safety. The changes in the kitchen include the acquisition of childproof locks for your cabinets and drawers.

Additionally, you can childproof your bathroom by considering the following elements. You should ensure that you dispose of your trash bin frequently because a child is likely to consume the components in the bin if available. It is necessary to install safety latches on drawers and cabinets to keep kids from potential poisonous or harmful items.

4. How to Enhance Old Cabinet Doors with Soft-Close Hinges

Remodeling your old cabinet door by installing soft close hinges is an upgrade you will appreciate. They are important because they prevent numerous door slams. During the installation procedure, the contractors should identify the cabinet style. They should determine if they are frameless or face frame cabinets. Basically, door hinges on face frame cabinets are fastened on the frame while hinges on frameless cabinets are fastened on the walls directly.

It is also important to enhance the cabinet door with the right hinge style. You can choose the long arm hinge or compact hinge for your self-closing hinges style. Long-arm hinges are strong and accommodate robust soft close mechanisms. As such, they are the best to use for your cabinet while installing soft close hinges. Besides, advancing your old cabinets means also providing adequate lighting for it. You should try out LED lights for bathroom and kitchen cabinets. They are the ultimate cabinet lighting option based on the classy look they give the interior of your cabinet.

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