Getting a Crib? Consider These 3 Tips

It is imperative, getting it right when painting an infant’s crib, and choosing the best primer for painting is among the vital steps.

Priming guarantees better adhesion of the paint to the surfaces being painted. Your choice of primer for painting will, however, depend on the material used in making the crib.

A baby’s crib is their happy place, and once they start being on all fours or their feet, they exhibit increased activity and curiosity. One such increased activity is biting on the crib frames, but that’s their nature.

The real danger comes in if you made the wrong choice when choosing your primer for painting, which might subject you and the baby to health complications.

One of the best ways of avoiding possible health complications is by using paints with no hidden ingredients. Studies have shown that there are two to five times organics indoors than outdoors, and when inhaled can cause several health problems

At the end of this article, you will have a clear idea of how to get it right when painting the crib. Take a look at the following tips;

1. Plan Adequately

A new baby coming home? The joy that comes with that is out of this world.

Preparations include buying baby clothes, toys, and other items. But extending those preparations to their room(s) will make sure everything is entirely in order.

Most folks choose room colors or themes depending on the gender of the baby expected. A good example is; when expecting a girl, chances are you will likely settle on theme colors synonymous with girls. Since their rooms need an elevated level of freshness, choosing an air purifying paint to the walls will give freshness the much-needed boost.

Once done with painting the room, the next most crucial step is accessorizing.

2. Get it Right with the Crib

What does this mean?

The place might be decorated perfectly, but the crib is what makes it habitable. When settling on a crib, in most cases you will have two choices, either getting a brand new one or re-using an old one. Whatever your preference, if the color of the crib rhymes or matches the color or theme of the room, the better.

If you opt to get the brand new crib, you might have a challenge getting the perfect color. But that shouldn’t push you to a head-scratching situation. How do you get it right? Going ahead and making your purchase and settling on the best paint for baby crib based on your preference, problem solved!

3. Get the Correct Brushes and Paint

Painting can be fun, but it is imperative to acquaint yourself with the right or recommended crib paint types. It is also vital to choose the right brush, doing so ensures effectiveness and minimizes spillages. Before starting the painting, you must do a thorough inspection to identify scuff marks or dents.

That process is particularly essential when re-using cribs. If wooden, it would be vital to sand the crib and dust it before applying the primer for painting. Unlike other types of paint, nursery paint is highly recommended due to the reduced or zero chemical sensitivity to the kids or the environment.

If you prefer getting a brand new crib, but the color doesn’t fit your preference, you can opt to change the color. Consider working with non toxic paints, the benefits of working with non toxic or odorless paint is that it eliminates the possibility of the kid(s) developing respiratory complications. Besides being safe on the kids, the paints are entirely safe for the painter and the environment.


A new baby comes with joy and expectations, and that motivates preparations that are thorough and detailed. That is done to guarantee the baby’s safety and comfort. Beauty/elegance is essential when settling on the theme, but the crib and the bedroom should be designed with maximum safety and comfort in mind.

Choosing the right primer painting and the right nursery paint will ensure safety to the baby, the painter, and the environment.

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