Revamp You Space with Peel and Stick Wood Panels

Most of the hardwood trees take more than twenty years to reach maturity. Nothing beats the interior of a home imparted with hardwood. However, with the many years that the hardwoods take to mature, it is hard to install walls made from hard wood. Even if it’s possible, the price is quite overwhelming.

However, you can easily get the same feeling you would get from a hardwoods by installing peel and stick wood panels. These DIY wall planks are affordable and easy to install. There are numerous benefits associated with peel and stick wood panels. Here’s an overview of must know details about these engineered hardwood.

Benefits of Peel and Stick Wood Panels

If you have been thinking of installing peel and stick wood planks for walls, then we must agree that you’re indeed an interior design smart thinker! There are many benefits you can enjoy from using peel and stick wood panels. The list is endless but we have compiled a few to get you started.

1. Affordable

The final outlook of a space that is installed with these self adhering wall planks is quite amazing. The space will resemble hardwoods that carry a certain level of elegance. Of course, elegance is associated with high costs. However, peel and stick wood panels impart the elegance at an affordable cost. Some factors such as the wall size might affect the pricing due to the number of peel and stick wood panels you may require. However, the pricing is quite cost friendly.

2. Authentic Appearance

Of course, you want an authentic look that will leave your guests with that ah feeling. You can only achieve this by getting an interior design that is authentic. These stick on panels add a natural wood appearance that will easily blend with almost everything while maintaining that luxurious look. You don’t have to get rid of some décor or other household items to make the room look good.

3. Durable

Hardwood is a favorite to many people for not only the class it imparts to whenever used but also because of its durability. Similarly, interior wood plank walls are also durable and very strong. You don’t have to frequently replace them because of wear and tear. Once you install them, you can put your focus on other projects since the cost and time of repainting your walls or maintaining them will be eliminated.

4. The Installation Process is Simple

Installing these panels is very simple. In addition to the many tutorials in the internet on how to install the peel and stick wall panels, the process is straightforward. Unlike in painting or other house design revamping options where you have to spend in hiring trained professionals, you can DIY. You can even make the process fun by inviting a friend or a family member to assist you in installing the panels. The process will likely take less than a day but this will largely depend on the size of your space. All that is needed is to be careful with the measurements to prevent altering with the panels’ sizes.

Step by Step Guide on Installing the Wood Wall Planks

1. Take Measurements Carefully

Similar to any other interior design process, you have to be keen when taking measurements of your panels. Also ensure you mark the panel after taking the measurements. All you have to do is get to know the width of the plank before proceeding to rip it. You have the freedom of using any straightedge.

2. Cut the Panel

After measuring and marking the panel, you can proceed to cut the panel. Start where you put the mark. Depending on any easily available tool, you can use table saw, jigsaw, or utility knife.

3. Dry Fit the Panel

To avoid any disappointments that might be associated with blindly fitting the panels, it is recommendable to dry fit. This way, you will avoid any disastrous repercussions that might be associated with miscalculations. Before proceeding to stick the panels, always ensure you test whether they fit well.

Use Enough Pressure

To ensure that the panels stick adequately, ensure you apply enough pressure. Moreover, ensure you adequately clean you walls and allow them to dry off. You can start fixing from the middle.


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