When Should You Call a Plumber for a Leaky Toilet?

Nearly 10% of households in the U.S. have plumbing leaks that waste roughly 90 gallons of water every day. That means your leaky toilet is costing you money. How do you know your toilet is leaking and needs to be fixed? Do you hear it running more than usual after being flushed? Do you have to constantly jiggle the handle to get it to stop running? Has it started running when not being used? These are all signs that you need a plumber Sacramento.

It may seem like a running toilet isn’t a big deal. A quick shake of the handle and it’s fixed, right? This isn’t necessarily true. You could end up stopping the running briefly, but the overall problem is not fixed. It’s very easy to overlook this type of plumbing problem until you are facing an emergency and need an emergency plumber.

A Running Toilet Is a Sign of Many Different Plumbing Issues

A running toilet is a clear indication that you have a plumbing problem. It’s time to call a local plumber to discern if your running toilet is part of a bigger issue. An expert plumber Sacramento can determine precisely what the problem is and has all of the tools, knowledge, and experience to fix it. You may believe that you are capable of fixing your own running toilet. However, attempting to fix the problem yourself can be dangerous since plumbing problems are beyond your skills.

Call a Plumber Sacramento

Calling a nearby plumber ensures that your toilet is fixed correctly the first time. This can save you time, money and water. A running toilet means you are using more water than necessary. Check your water bill, if you see that it is more expensive than usual, you need a plumber Sacramento. The professionals know how to pinpoint a problem and can get it fixed in no time.

Before a plumber can get to your home, take the lid off of the tank and check the inner mechanisms for any sounds. You will be able to tell the plumber more about the problem, which can help them offer solutions that better serve you. The more your plumber knows about the problem, the better.

Quick Fixes Are Not Always the Best Fixes

There are many ways you can fix a running toilet. Some of those ways are quick fixes that are not always the best fixes. A plumber Sacramento will show up promptly when called. Chances are you already tried to fix your toilet, but it still keeps running. Every single second you leave a running toilet unfixed is a second that adds to your water bill. The right plumbing service from nearby plumbers can fix the problem that you missed trying to fix your running toilet on your own.

Not all plumbers are equal. Contact a local plumbing company for honest and trustworthy service no matter what your plumbing problem may be. They can give you the professional advice you need for many types of plumbing services that range from running toilets to clogged drains to water heaters and everything in between.

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