6 Benefits of Induction Lighting for Commercial and Residential Applications

There is so much advancement going on in lighting technology, especially when it comes to the power efficiency of the light source. Today, rapid development has enabled manufacturers to come up with lighting options that are energy-efficient and sustainably designed to increase indoor comfort, light quality, and efficacy.

Induction Lighting Technology

Induction lighting is a promising technology that increasingly became popular in the 1990s. It’s an efficient lighting solution that produces light using electromagnetic ballast which triggers the reaction between inert gas and mercury atoms. The induction ballast is a replacement of the conventional metal prongs.

These products require low maintenance and have numerous advantages than other lighting options. Here are five main benefits of you need to know when choosing induction lamps for sale.

Long Life Induction Light

Induction lamps and lights don’t have electrodes or filaments, the items that frequently cause other bulbs to burn out quickly. As a result, induction lighting systems can have an extremely long life of up to 100,000 hours. They are designed for high bay light applications such as a workshop, warehouse lighting fixtures, solar parking lot light fixtures, garage, sports, and warehouse lighting.

The technology behind induction lamps greatly reduces thermal stress on the bulb surface and it’s made possible with the lack of electrodes and filaments within the bulb. Induction lamps are completely sealed to eliminate potential leakages and burnouts.

Wide Variety of Color Temperatures

Induction lamps for sale come in an array of color temperature that falls somewhere on a scale from 2000K to 6500K. Induction lamps produce soft light close to daylight and you can also get customized color temperatures with single colors such as orange, red, blue and green. These colors are primarily used for plant growth and other special lighting applications.

Surface, Uniformity and Glare Improvement

Induction lamps are an excellent surface light source that emits multi-directional light from the bulb and glow consistently. Other light source options like high-pressure sodium lights and high-intensity discharge lamps produce light from one point of the bulb. They produce a non-flickering soft light without glare and are ideally suited for applications like workshops, libraries, sports centers, factories and more.

Excellent Lumen Maintenance

A light source with excellent lumen maintenance will have uniform light distribution and glowing consistently over its lifetime. Before it completely deteriorates, induction lamps for sale will emit as much as 90% of its original capacity.

Quick to Start and Restart

Unlike other types of light sources like LED lights which take up to a second to start, induction lamps don’t delay and it usually needs a few milliseconds.

Though induction lighting fixtures are considered expensive than conventional lamps like HID or HPS lamps, induction lamps are actually cost-effective particularly when you consider their numerous advantages including, low maintenance cost, reduced energy bills, and ultra-long lifespan.

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