Maintaining a Home During the Winter Requires Careful Attention to Many Details

When it comes to winter weather, including heavy snow and strong winds, most home owners are aware of the shoveling that needs to be done. Behind those inches of snow drifts and layers of crusty ice, however, are concerns inside a home. An ice dam in the house gutters, for instance, can cause water to leak into an attic and sometimes even work its way into a home itself. Wet ceilings and damp walls are especially problematic if they go undiscovered and lead to mold and mildew. From the need for temporary heating in the event a furnace breaks to the rental heaters that help people solve these problems, temperature control is especially important during the winter months in many parts of the country.

For all of these reasons, it is especially important in the winter, as well as year round, to make sure that you are doing everything you can to maintain the VALUE OF YOUR HOME:

  • Very few home owners possess the skills to solve all of the problems that they may incur. For this reason, it in important to make sure that they employ the appropriate resources when they are needed.
  • Asking for the help of professional plumbers and electricians is one of the most important decisions that a property owner can make when they are needed.
  • Lighitng updates in a home can not only add to the beauty of a home, but also cut down on the monthly utilities as well.
  • Utility bills are also significantly impacted by the kind of health Gand cooling system that are installed in a home. Upgrading to the newest system can allow a home owner to get the most efficient results available.
  • Every small problem in a home should be not only examined, but also repaired. Small problems, of course, can turn into bigger and more expensive issues if they are dealt with immediately.

  • Ovens, refrigerators, and other kinds of appliances also need to be well maintained so that they do not become a danger to your home.
  • Filters in HVAC systems often need to be changed once every month or two. In addition, it is important to follow the other manufacturer’s instructions to make sure that this very expensive part of your home lasts as long as possible.

  • Yard maintenance all year round is important if you want to have the right curb appeal to make sure that your home maintains its value. Winter, as well as summer, requires careful attention to many tasks that can be tedious, but are certainly necessary.
  • One way to make sure that your home maintains its value is by upgrading to the latest windows, doors, and roofing materials.
  • Utility rates are an important factor to many buyers, so it can essential that a home is properly insulated.
  • Roof upgrades and roof repairs can not only add to the value of a home, but also lower home insurance rates. For instance, investing in an impact resistant shingle can drop a plan by as much as 7%.

  • Hypothermia occurs when the internal temperature of the body drops below 95 degrees. This is one of the reasons, of course, that it is especially important to check on older neighbors during those harsh winter storms. Sometimes a rental heater can literally be the difference between life and death.
  • One of the major benefits of rental heaters is that too often elderly individuals and those on a fixed income will rely on a gas stove or other kind of dangerous heating option. And while a rental heater comes with a price tag, it is safer and more predictable.
  • Mechanics who like to work in their garage year round often find that propane heater rentals are the best solutions for them.
  • Extensive research from a study by Cornell University has shown that productivity levels are highest at a temperature of 71.6 degrees, another reason to monitor temperatures.

Whether you find yourself looking for temporary heating for construction sites or you are in need of a reliable temporary heating solution for your home, it is important that you access these resources as soon as possible to ensure the safety of you, your workers, and your property. Freezing temperatures can lead to not only physical damage, but also burst pipes and extensive interior damage.


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