Four Reasons to Involve a Plumber in Your Seasonal Plumbing Prep

For those of us lucky enough to live in states that actually develop seasons throughout the year, winter is an inevitable season to face. For some, the season may not be too bad, but for others, snow, ice, and low temperatures are guaranteed. With this winter weather comes the need to aptly prepare, and one preparation may be most crucial of all: your plumbing system.

Winter temperatures put your pipes in danger of freezing, cracking, even bursting, and you don’t want to be without hot water in the winter. If your pipes freeze and a leak springs up, upwards of 250 gallows of water can leak in a single day. Not only does that water make a big mess in your house, but it can also freeze and cause even more problems. That’s why seasonal preparation is so important. With a local plumber by your side, your preparation can be even more efficient. Let’s look at four reasons you’ll want to have a plumber help with your seasonal preparation.

The Professionals Can Identify Leaks

Leaks, as small as they are, don’t seem like a big deal, but as quoted above, absurd amounts of water can leak through gaps as small as 1/8 of an inch. You can check for leaks all day, but if you don’t have the specialized training or sense of local plumbers, identifying some potential problem areas can be tough. With a professional performing an inspection of your pipes, you can expect that any leaks will be identified, and problem areas replaced before winter sets in.

Insulation is Key

Sure, the pipes that run through the walls of your home or reside under the sink are safe enough from winter temperatures, but those who hug the outer corners or wind through the basement are at risk of freezing up if they aren’t properly insulated. It doesn’t take much for water to freeze, especially if you’re away for the holidays or a vacation to warmer temperatures, and you aren’t using your water everyday. Nearby plumbers can inspect your insulation for you and ensure that your pipes are well-protected from the upcoming cold spells, leaving you with less to worry about.

Have a Professional Maintain Your Water Heater

Perhaps a home’s most important feature is its hot water. From dishes to warm showers, hot water can turn a bad day around, and in winter, hot water is especially important. By having annual inspections and maintenance performed on your water heater, you’re ensuring that your heater will be problem-free when you need it most. And if an issue is found, it’s been identified and a solution implemented before the cold dread of winter settles in.

Don’t Wait to Call

If your winter plumbing preparations were performed diligently, but you’re encountering sluggish water pressure or noisy drips, or you hear some noisy pipes whenever you turn on the water, don’t wait to call in the professionals. Despite your planning, you may still have freezing pipes or other plumbing problems that can soon turn serious and expensive to fix if they aren’t handled quickly and correctly. So if anything seems amiss in your plumbing, get a professional there as soon as possible to fix it.

It only takes a few minutes to perform some seasonal maintenance on your plumbing system, and it’s well worth the investment of your time. It’s also worth investing in having a plumber on hand to help or perform the inspection before winter really sets in, as their professional training can help identify problems before it’s too late.

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