Things You Do Not Know About Habitat For Humanity

The name Habitat for Humanity is widely known for building houses for low-income families and operating the ReStore. Just on the surface, this sounds amazing but if the families are in low-income bracket, how can they afford the homes built for them, by volunteers? Much is known about the organization but there are a few things that may not be known.

Habitat for Humanity’s aim is not to merely build quality homes for low-income families and leave them to pay for everything a high-income family would pay for the home. The organization works with the families and makes sure the mortgage is affordable. What does that look like? Habitat works closely with Bremer, a mortgage company, to make sure the mortgage is capped off at 30% of the family’s income, making sure these families can make reasonable payments on their home and yet be able to still afford other necessities, such as electric, and water.

Another aspect of the home buying, is these homes are on the market and able for purchase. This means that a home built for a family is able to be put on the market by that same family. A home buyer can look at these homes with their real estate agent and determine if the home is a good fit for the buyer. The buyer of the home gets the same quality that family received, as well as an energy efficient home.

These homes are high quality, but they are also energy efficient. This makes the energy bill for the family much lower than it might be with another home. The organization has won awards for their leads certified work and are number one for affordable home ownership, as well as energy efficiency. This helps to further lower the cost of the home.

Aside from building homes, they run the ReStore where volunteers are welcome. Not everybody is up to being out in the weather, but they want to help in other ways. As a volunteer, you are able to help sort donations given at the ReStore, operated by a local Habitat for Humanity office, as well as helping customers check those pieces out. Every outlet for Habitat for Humanity is aimed to assist families in building quality homes or additions onto their existing homes.

What makes the organization truly incredible, is it’s relationship with businesses in their area of operations to help get the families quality help when needed, such as emergency tarp service when they may face a flood or leaky roof. The organization is truly aimed at making a habitat for humanity.

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