What Are Tuscany Windows?

The video discusses in detail what Tuscany windows are. Tuscany windows have a gorgeous design that was created to give the client a colonial appearance and feel. They’re the perfect type of windows for someone who wants to create that look. They’re different from vinyl windows in structure because they’re flat and do not have a beveled design. Milgard Tuscany windows have a flat design with very equal and symmetric sides. The edges of the windows are designed to shed dirt and water rather than collect it like some other types of windows do.

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Tuscany windows also have weep holes so that no water gets stuck inside the screen portion. Users don’t have to worry about destruction on rainy days because of it.

The smart touch lock is another feature to look forward to if you intend to sign up for Tuscany windows. These locks are very straightforward to use and will not cause problems for anyone who suffers from arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. Users can operate the locks in a variety of interesting ways to ensure that the windows are secure.

The wheel system in these windows is vinyl, and it is very flexible in terms of movement but also sturdy enough to carry the window’s weight.

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