A Home Generator Installation Can Keep Your Family Safe This Winter

A power outage, commonly known as a “black out,” can happen at any time for just about any reason. Youtube channel This Old House shows the benefits of investing in home generator installation to keep the essential parts of your house running in the case of an emergency.

Getting a natural gas generator won’t require constant refills and can give you and your family peace of mind.

Video Source

The one demonstrated in the video is called an “Emergency Load Generator” and may not power every light and electronic component within your home, but will keep certain systems going, like your freezer, fridge, heating, and most of your lights. A large percentage of your home will keep on going until the main power outage issue has been fixed.

The generator presented, a “14KW,” will provide its own diagnostics for fifteen minutes, once a week. Be sure to check any indicator light on the machine that depicts whether there’s an issue that needs fixing.

Once hooked up to the house electrical grid, the generator will automatically detect a black out vs. a “brown out,” and will switch on depending on the circumstances. A cooldown cycle will happen afterward.

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