Do You Want A Landscape Designer or Architect?

When you’re planning the look and feel of your outdoor space, you need to decide if you want to hire a landscape designer or a landscape architect. If you’re not in the field, you might think that they’re the same thing, but they’re very different. There are four main differences between the two.

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The first starts at their education level. A landscape architect requires at least a four-year degree. Then, you need to train under a licensed landscape architect before you take exams to become licensed yourself. Landscape designers only require a license, although associate degrees are available.

Designers typically work in residential environments. They also work on smaller office buildings and churches. They mainly focus on the landscape in terms of flowers, trees, and paving designs. These jobs are small in scale and add a design and beauty element to the property. Architects can do all of the things listed above, but they can also change the grading of the land as well as add retaining walls. Architects are hired for larger jobs by town boards and city planning. Changes to the land require specific education and knowledge and therefore landscape designers are not qualified to complete the job.


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