How You Could End Up With A Leaky Basement

The moment you start to see or smell signs of a leaky basement, you need to take action. Water infiltration is something you need to take seriously. It can cause wood to rot and mold to grow.

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Both of these problems are extremely bad for your health and can be very costly. The sooner you can dry out your basement the better.

Water can come from under your foundation. It can seep through any cracks in your floor and create a wet spot, usually where the wall meets the floor. A sump pump system can usually help this problem. Cracks in the walls can also allow water into your basement. The top of the foundation wall where it meets the floors of your first floor can also be a problem area. You’ll usually see signs of this when it rains.

Of course, water can also enter your basement when a pipe leak or something goes wrong with your boiler. Water can enter your basement in so many ways and all of them are problematic. When it rains, go into your basement and see if you can find puddles or wet spots. If you can, you have a problem.


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