Most Common Roof Issues

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Every homeowner will come across roofing issues at some point. Tackling these issues requires know-how and likely a professional touch. This article will explore the most common issues that your roof might have so you can better understand when you need to call for help.

Leakage in your attic after rain can mean that there is a problem with the shingles or flashing on your roof. It may be that they are misaligned or are damaged in some way from debris. Stains, molds, or mildew may also point to this.

Paint damage is another sign of roofing issues. If you see blistering paint, it may point to inadequate air flow in your attic which can cause higher temperatures. Roofs need adequate ventilation installed to avoid this. Excessive energy costs are another signal that something is amiss with your roof’s ventilation.

An obvious way to see if there are problems is to look at the surface of your roof. If you see chipped, decayed, or dark marks on your roof, this means you need to get repairs made on your roof.

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