What You Should Expect From A Home Inspector

A home inspector is your first line of defense when you’re purchasing a new home. They look at your potential new home from top to bottom and write a detailed list of everything that is or could be wrong with the property.

The only loophole inspectors face is that they cannot open up walls or move any personal property. So, if a poster is hiding a huge hole on the wall, they’re not allowed to move that poster to see the hole.

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They can also not see if there is a flaw in the electrical system that is behind the drywall.

While there are ways of going around this, it typically requires extra time, equipment, and a special inspection. Home inspectors also typically aren’t trained to inspect for mold or wood-destroying insects. Most inspectors will note the signs on your final inspection, but you will have to do further testing to confirm.

Home inspectors aren’t there to give you a total estimate of how much the repairs will cost. They’re simply there to give you a heads up on the property and the structure you’re about to buy. Their report can also be used as leverage for the final cost of the house.


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