A Day in the Life of a Water Treatment Plant Operator

Do you ever wonder how so much clean water makes it to your faucets? Well, this clean water can come from a variety of different places. The most common of these places however, is a water treatment plant. The majority of drinking water goes through these facilities in order to ensure that it is safe for use. Though water treatment plants may be easy to miss among the huge industrial parks that usually are in, a commercial water treatment service is vital to the health of communities small and large. To get a better feel of how these places function, this video provides a day in the life of a water treatment plant operator.

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It’s a water treatment plant manager’s job to ensure that all the machines in the plant are working correctly. This includes doing several water tests throughout the day, as well as measuring equipment chemical compounds. Every mechanism needs to be checked, re-checked, and cleaned often. The vast variety of tests required to make sure the plant is running smoothly is a full-time job, and a very important one.


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