Cheap Storage 101

A common problem homeowners run into is a significant lack of storage space. For industrial workers and small business owners, this issue can be even greater. With so many supplies and machinery that needs to be kept organized and clean, it can be a huge struggle to figure out how to utilize your space. In the case of having an industrial shed or a warehouse, a common solution proves to be the mighty pallet rack. This video shows a time lapse of the first layer of a pallet rack, built and assembled inside a warehouse.

Video Source

As you can see, the process is very simple to bring a pallet rack into your space. It requires at least two pairs of hands, but not too many pieces or machines. These racks can vary in tiers and sizes. In order to utilize your high ceilings, a pallet rack could not only be the easiest solution, but also the cheapest! Costly installation can often be a turnoff for those looking to get organized, but a pallet rack costs significantly less to install. Getting organized can be one of the most satisfying parts of the spring months, so happy spring cleaning!


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