Olets 101 What Do They Do?

Whether it’s weldolets, sockolets, elbolets, or thredolets, each olet has an important part to play in the mechanical and engineering industry. Olets are primarily used as branch connections for projects involving industrial piping. Any new pipe installation job hosts several challenges and obstacles, but with the right tools, the job can be done efficiently and correctly. For branch connections in particular, there are different olets for different jobs.

Video Source

This video gives us the run-down on what each tool should be used for.

The most common branch connections are weldolets, sockolets, thredolets, elbolets, and nipolets. The weldolet offers a 90 degree branch connection and come in full or reduced sizes. The sockolet also has a 90 degree branch connection, with the end connection being well suited for socket welding. The thredolet is exactly the same, only differing in the end connection, which is perfect for a threaded joint. Finally, a nipolet is simply a weldolet with an extended pipe body. This olet can be used for butt welding, socket welding, or a threaded joint. A latrolet is used for any angled pipe that is less or more than 90 degrees.


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