Take Care of Asphalt Paving Before You Move

If you’re moving into an older home, it may not be exactly how you want it before you arrive. This doesn’t mean you have picked a bad property, but it does mean that you have some home improvement projects to take care of down the line. Some of these projects are best handled before you and your family start living in your new home.

One project that should be completed before you move in is asphalt paving. If your new home’s driveway is in disrepair, the ideal time to replace it with fresh asphalt is when no one is living in the home.

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This gives the asphalt ample time to cure before bearing the weight of large vehicles.

The asphalt paving process can take a few days to complete. The workers start by removing the old pavement surface and remediating the sub base or foundation of the pavement underneath it. They may need to add new materials and compact them to ensure the new asphalt is flat and durable.

Once the sub base is prepared, workers still need to apply at least two layers of paving materials. Typically, the first layer is made of large aggregate held together by tar. The Final layer is recognizable as asphalt paving.

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