The Scaffolding Process

Construction scaffolding can be risky if not done properly and in accordance with associated safety procedures. Matt from Home Renovision DIY demonstrates the installation of a three-tier construction scaffolding in a brief YouTube video titled ‘How to Assemble Scaffolding.’ Three points he makes are that the scaffolding must be set on level ground or it will become unstable and fall off.

Video Source

The second point we want to make is that you must construct the scaffolding closer to the wall in order to ensure its stability. Finally, he notes that if the scaffolding becomes unstable while you are on top, it is prudent to return and restart the assembly for safety reasons.

Matt emphasizes in the video that it is critical to climb the construction scaffolding from the inside rather than the outside. This is because after reaching the third stage, the scaffolding becomes unstable, and climbing the scaffolding from the outside may cause it to collapse.

Matt continues by stating that the entire scaffolding assembly process should be guided by safety protocols to ensure that no personal injury or accident occurs during the process.

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