Vacuum Pumps 101

Vacuum pumps are commonly used by engineers to fix refrigeration and air conditioning units. When water and other substances are caught in the machine, a whole ton of different problems could arise. The mechanism will not function properly, or may do its job poorly. This results in an eventual mechanical breakdown. In order to tackle these leaks head-on, a refrigerant vacuum is a common tool to suck all the extra material out. This video provides a first-hand look at what vacuum pumps do, how they function, and the differences between a single stage and a two stage compressor.

Video Source

A vacuum pump is made up of a few different parts. The back of the pump has an electrical motor attached, with the front being comprised of the compressor. There is also a handle on the top and a support base down on the bottom. Each of these parts has a specific job. An outlet helps to let the compressed air out. This is located on top of the compressor itself. In order to get contaminants out of a system, the vacuum brings it from a high pressure to a low pressure.


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