What to Do When You Need Emergency Animal Removal

Are you struggling with an animal in your home and need emergency animal removal? This video explains some of the basic steps to take.

First, find a number for 24/7 Emergency NY Wildlife Removal and Prevention because wildlife does not wait for normal business hours. Varying from town to town, local police departments may respond to wild animals in a home when they are found in the immediate living area.

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There are different ways to approach wildlife control depending on the problem you face. There are situations when we may need to remove the animals first before we can perform a service. But the key for most animal control is prevention, with a process known as exclusion. By sealing all entry points, animals can no longer enter a property and are forced to find new homes or food elsewhere. We do not use poisons or anything that causes slow death, as this may cause the animals to die on a property and lead to severe odors and health issues. Do not panic, make sure any pest control has enough room to remove to the animal properly.


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