Properly Storing Paint

Fresh paint colors are by far the least expensive investment you can make in your home. Taking time to choose the right paint colors, hire a house painter, and have the paint job completed are worth the effort. After the work is done, you will probably be left with some leftover paint. You may be tempted to get rid of that paint, but it can be very useful for touch-ups and other fun projects around the house if you store it properly.

After you purchase from a paint store, you will want to be able to use every drop. Paint should be stored with very little air in the can.

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Clean the rim of the lid of your paint can to ensure that the lid will go back on tightly.
Place a layer of plastic rim between the can and the lid.
Use a rubber mallet when closing the can. A regular hammer can damage the lid, but a rubber mallet will seal it tightly.
Store the can upside down. This helps with the amount of air in the can by allowing the paint to create a seal against the lid.

It is important that paint is stored away from sunlight and in an area that will not get below freezing. A basement is an ideal place. If you do not have a basement, a closet or a small storage unit will work fine. Be sure paints are out of reach of children.

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