Are Solar Hot Water Systems the Way of the Future?

It’s obvious that homeowners as well as business owners are looking towards healthier and greener alternatives in their machinery and building materials. Government initiatives are causing people all over the world to take a closer look at how we are affecting our planet, and you have surely heard of small ways you can cause your home to use less energy. Turning off the lights and using less water around your home are some of the most common suggestions. However, what if you could make changes in your hot water systems in order to help the environment? In this video, we will take a look at how solar hot water systems are being introduced to more and more homes around the country.

There are two types of solar hot water systems, each with their own advantages. A passive system is one that is directly connected to the solar panel.

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This is convenient because of how it can save space and provide easy access to perform maintenance. Active systems, on the other hand, offer a more unobtrusive aesthetic to your roof. In these systems, the tank can be placed anywhere, allowing for more flexibility in initial system placement.


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