The Keys to a Successful Project with Asphalt Pavers

Before the start of any paving project, the asphalt pavers team must conduct a tailgate meeting at the beginning of the day to discuss and address all the key considerations involved in the relevant task. The pre-paving checklist involves heating the screed machine and adjusting the center tow points. The asphalt pavers lower the screed into the starting position.

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One must select the auger heights to be two inches above what you are placing. After that, they set the feed sensors, which will fill the auger chamber before pulling off from the starting point. Before the asphalt pavers begin to place the hot mix tac, the surface needs to be clean by either sweeping or blowing an emulsion before application. After the pre-paving checklist is through, a dump man always ensures the hoppers are a third full to two-thirds full.
The mix is placed in augers by a conveyor for distribution to the front of the screen, where it maintains the correct thickness as the material creates the needed mat. A pneumatic/traffic roller is the finishing roller that adds the last bit of compaction to achieve the required density.

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