What Are Some Ways You Can DIY Your Own Driveway Cleaning

You might be able to forego driveway cleaning if there’s only a small amount of dirt on your garage or driveway. In fact, people don’t expect driveways to be 100% clean since it’s outside the home. However, it might be more difficult to ignore if there are black spots all over that have resulted from oil spills or leaks from your cars.

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While it’s fairly common for any type of vehicle to cause engine oil leaks, it’s crucial to clean them up as soon as you can.

Luckily for you, you can now use many methods to remove these tough oil stains. Some commonly used methods include household items like baking soda, dish soap, or even laundry detergent. You’ll also see many products in the store specifically designed for removing stubborn oil spills from concrete.

Watch this video by Donut Media, where you’ll discover the best method you can use in case you need to do some driveway cleaning. In the video, Zach and his roomies of Money Pit compare three techniques to see which works best in cleaning up the oil spills on their driveway. One method only uses laundry detergent, but you’ll have to watch and see if it would work and how much effort and time is needed to make it remove the grease and oil in the garage.


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