Why You Should Get a Local Chimney Inspection Before Moving

Chimney inspections are vital when moving in or out of a home. Getting reliable chimney services from your local area before moving allows you to discover problems that, if not solved early enough, could cause various complications.

A local chimney inspection ensures your chimney is inspected for water damage and risks of chimney fires.

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When water seeps into the chimney, it causes the damper to rust. Rusted dampers are quite difficult to open when burning a fire. As a result, smoke and harmful gases like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide are trapped inside the house, posing a health threat to the occupants.

Water also damages the chimney’s tile linear over time. If a crack in the flue is not promptly repaired, water seeping through it could cause damage to the walls and ceiling. These damages reduce the value of your property in the end.

The buildup of creosote in the chimney raises the risk of a fire that could cause massive property damage and loss of life. Watch the video in the link above and contact us for more information on the value of chimney inspections before moving.

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