Everything You Need to Know About Soft Close Drawer

The time will come when your kitchen becomes complete. That’s the time you’ll want to use a soft close drawer. So what are the benefits of a soft close drawer?

Here’s everything you need to know about soft close drawers so you can have them installed in the kitchen.

Benefits of Soft Close Drawers

Mount drawers with soft close technology were among the hallmarks of high-quality closet systems and cabinetry. It’s in demand with consumers, that’s why a lot of industry it. With that, here are the advantages of having soft close drawer slides.

1. It does not slam

Soft-closing drawers are fitted in different styles of the kitchen. This feature allows the drawer to shut smoothly without slamming. When you push the drawer, it will fully close, coming into action to slow the shutting. This will prevent slamming and closing the drawer fully.

Soft-close mechanisms are much quieter than just the mechanism. The drawers also have specialty hinges, and these accessories can be applied to your existing doors of the kitchen and cabinets to ensure that storage spaces in the kitchen will sit quietly.

1. Less maintenance

A soft closing drawer closes gently and safely. It means that it will not get damaged easily, unlike regular drawers. Therefore, it’s very easy to maintain. By just merely using the hinges, it will put less strain and stress on the kitchen organizers and cabinet doors.

It extends the lifespan of the entire layout of the kitchen. And since you wish for kitchen units to last long, you should not move the soft close hinges in a well-maintained kitchen. Best of all, it will make a great selling point to potential buyers of your house.

1. Protects contents inside the drawer

If you keep slamming the kitchen drawer, then you’re likely increasing the contents hitting inside. Worse, it could break. If you slam the drawer without a soft closing mechanism, it would also damage the drawer. That said, it will be more costly if your drawers keep breaking. The smooth or slow close hinges could also prevent rough and fast closures from protecting the cabinet and drawer contents.

1. Prevents pinched fingers

There are chances when you slam your drawers shut without even realizing that your finger is in the way. Worse, it could be your child’s finger. This is not a pleasant experience. That’s why soft close drawer slides and even the soft close cabinet door hinges would help protect your fingers from possible pinch accidents.

You may also consider having soft close drawer runners along with the hinges of your cabinet. It gives many benefits to the kitchen and the cabinetry’s integrity.

Other advantages include:

* Self closing drawers will never be left open. It only needs a gentle push to engage its mechanism and close the drawer the rest of the way.
* It tends to last longer because of the gentle close. It puts less stress on the cabinetry and drawer box.

Soft Close Drawers: How Do They Work?

Soft close is a premium feature available on certain kinds of drawer slides. It allows the drawers to close smoothly and silently. That is why closing a cabinet or drawer with this feature right before it’s shut. It was the soft close mechanism that closes the cabinet or drawer.

You’re probably wondering how they work. The mechanism can do this because of its built-in hydraulics. Every slide comes with a piston and spring system to control the drawer from closing.

Types of Drawer Slides

There are three types of drawer slides, these are:

* Euro Slides

These are epoxy-coated slides that roll on nylon wheels. However, these are not available in a soft close. It’s usually used on the standard pull-out shelf.

* Mount Slides

These slides are known to mount under the sliding drawer or shelf. These slides are installed in pairs, with one on each side of the drawer box.

* Ball Bearing Slides

The slides come in open drawers using small bearings. They are mounted to the drawer box sides, and the slides are metallic silver and zinc coated slides visible when the drawer is in an open position.

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