Which Size Gutters Should You Install?

Are you in the middle of renovating and refurbishing your home? Are you thinking about having new seamless gutters installed as part of this process? The video offers sound advice about which size gutters you will need.

To determine the size of the gutters you need for your house, you should probably consult an expert. However, the presenter in the video, who is such an expert, states that most homes take a 5-inch gutter. He emphatically warns against installing a 6-inch gutter in a home that is designed to take a 5-inch gutter.

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If you install the larger gutter, there is a chance that both the gutter and the wood panel it is attached to will fall off. A larger gutter will catch more rainwater and more debris, and the added weight will be too much for the wood. Even if you clean the gutter regularly, you will still be taking a big risk, as one severe rainstorm can lead to catastrophe.

There is no real advantage to installing a 6-inch gutter, and you should definitely not install the latter if, on the roof of your home, there are 3 inches from the shingle edge to the front of the gutter. You now have all the information required to determine which size gutter you should install.


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