Quick Tip for Well Pump Installation

According to the United States Geological Survey, over 45 million people in America use (domestic) well water rather than municipal water. You need to install a good pump if you plan to use well water. The pumps vary depending on size. As the video above shows, the 18-gallon will pump a relatively higher volume of water than a 5-gallon pump. The pump draws water from the well and pushes it into the storage tanks.

Video Source

So, which is the ideal size for a pump for overall performance? The correct size of a good pump depends on the gallons required per minute during the peak water usage period. Additionally, you must get the well pump install process right. Below is a step-by-step process to help with well pump install.

  • Join the cable from the pump motor to the submersible electrical drop cable. Ensure you test the pump before installation.
  • Connect the submersible electrical cable through the hole in the bore cap, then fix it.
  • Put down the pump with the cable on the ground to ensure it is at the end of the well.
  • Ensure you block the ends of the pipe so no dirt or stones can enter.
  • Connect the pump to the pipe and ensure it fits, then connect the caps at the other end.
  • Tape the electrical cable to the pipe every 2ft to prevent the cable from snarling. The wire should be below the pipe.

    Your well pump is ready for use. If in doubt, use professional services. Enjoy access to free-flowing water.


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