Here are Home Projects to Prioritize When You Move

According to Shyft, 9.8% of Americans (15.3 million households) move annually. In 2020, the relocations became nearly impossible, but in 2021, the strengthening economy increased the demand for moving services. With that said, here are home projects to focus on when you move.

1. Basement

You don’t need to neglect the basement and use it as storage space, as many people do. A well-designed basement will add value to your new home; you’ll also utilize the space well. As such, focus on the basement when you move and make the best out of it, like a theater space, gaming room, or playroom for the children.

Canadian Real Estate Wealth says a finished basement on an average home can return up to 70% of the cost of renovations upon sale. However, since you aren’t selling your new home, you’d just need to add its value and aesthetics for your family’s benefit. So, hire a basement finishing contractor before you move in.

A well-finished basement can save you energy bills. Proper insulation and ventilation save the HVAC system from overworking to cool or heat the house. Basements are notorious for moisture and cold air, which can lead to overworking of the AC. Moreover, if you have a fireplace in the basement, you’ll use less fuel because the finished basement will retain the heat.

Another reason to consider the basement renovation when you move is to make extra cash. A basement is perfect for guests because it’s quiet and isolated. Many homeowners rent out their basements to make some extra money. Moreover, you can renovate your basement to set up a family entertainment space.

Finally, basement renovation enhances home safety. A well-finished basement will discourage mold growth because it can maintain good temperatures. Secondly, you’ll reduce the problems of water and sewage leaks into the house. This retains the value of the basement for an extended period if you plan to sell the home in the future.

2. Exterior

Exterior renovations enhance a stronger relationship with your home, allowing you to work from home comfortably. Secondly, you’ll be at peace when you invite guests to your home. The home’s value is also more important because you must retain it as much as possible.

Exterior renovations are about adding personal touches to make your home feel like a personalized living space. It also entails adding some outdoor refreshment areas to keep you entertained during summer. It also can entail hiring a local house painting contractor to repaint the walls and other exterior structures to give the home a better look.

Increasing the functionality of the space is another reason why you must consider exterior renovation when you move. Think of adding an outdoor kitchen, extra lighting, or patios for your family to enjoy. Any exterior renovation that adds home functionality is worth your investment.

Once you maintain the exterior, either by adding the siding or repainting, you reduce the maintenance needs. For instance, vinyl siding can last for 30 to 40 years, as The Spruce reports. So, invest in your exterior before settling to reduce your home’s maintenance needs.

Focusing on your exterior will also make your home safer and more secure. If you have children and pets, you’d want to restrain them from moving to the road or neighborhood. So, you can invest in a good fence. Secondly, you can add a gate, new door locks, and a security system. Further, you can swap the old roofing by doing tile roof installation.

3. Entertainment Areas

Home entertainment is crucial because you must keep your family together after work or on weekends. Further, you want your guests to enjoy a cozy home during the night parties or other functions. Outdoor entertainment is as beneficial as the outdoors. So, start with setting up the furniture and TV screen in the basement.

Secondly, add a grill between the kitchen and the living room to entertain your guests. Many guests would like to seep their juices as they check on the fries burning in the kitchen. You must also invest in a good sound system in your living area. However, you can have a sound entertainment area outdoors.

So, when you move in, install a rocking sound system outdoors that compliments your landscaping. Modern technologies like Bluetooth allow guests to connect to the iPod easily. That aside, you can add connectivity options for multiple devices, like the smart TV around the patio.

Nevertheless, hire a deck contractor to help you match your indoor and outdoor seating areas. You must have plenty of comfortable seating around the patios that complement the yard. Moreover, make the indoors comfortable and appealing just as the outdoors.

Finally, add plenty of shelving for the TVs and books in favor of family members who love reading. Guests may also get interested in reading books too. Shelves help save much space around the interior as well as in outdoor patios.

4. Yard

Statista’s 2021 report states that patios and porches are the most popular outdoor features for single-family houses. But other than entertainment, have you considered other benefits of investing in a quality yard? First, you minimize the house cleaning when you have a yard because children and pets will spend a lot of time playing outside.

The second reason you must consider the yard project when you move is your family’s health. The grass and trees around the yard create oxygen, making a home cool. The trees and grass also trap dust from the neighborhood, saving your HVAC system from overworking or needing regular cleaning.

You may also add a swimming area in the yard with the help of a swimming pool installer for refreshment during hot seasons. The swimming pool increases the value and the home’s beauty too. In fact, Bankrate reports adding an in-ground pool around the yard increases a home value by 7%.

A good yard becomes a stage for some of life’s best memories. You can share your experiences with your spouse around the yard or have fun as a family. Secondly, a yard will be your place of escape if you feel stressed and want to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of life.

Unfortunately, you may find a yard with some infected trees. In such situations, you must seek local tree removal services to prevent healthy trees from getting infected. Set aside some budget to hire an arborist before settling into your new home.

5. Bathroom

Daily Infographics statistics show that men spend around 855.8 days in the bathroom. On the other hand, women spend 770.8 days of their lives in the bathroom. Bathrooms are the first places we visit after getting out of bed and arriving home from work.

However, bathrooms are the moistest rooms of the house from the kitchen. As such, mold can grow and pose a higher risk of skin infections and respiratory diseases. Many people claim that visiting a clean bathroom in the morning tunes their mood for the whole day. So, you must focus more on the bathroom to improve the family member’s mental health.

The most crucial part of the bathroom is the floor. Hire a tile contractor to install slip-resistant tiles in your bathroom to avoid potential falls. The second thing you must do is to swap the old shower and tub for the new ones. Due to moisture in the bathroom, long use of these components can lead to reduced functionality or several damages.

The next thing to do in your bathroom when you move is to install the cabinets and upgrade the lighting. Cabinets are essential for storage spaces and bathroom aesthetics. Hang the drywall and choose the color schemes the family likes.

The last thing you must do to your bathroom when you move is to hire plumbing services. You’d want to reinstall the toilet and inspect the plumbing lines for rust. This will save you from higher water bills caused by leakages. Corroded water pipes also contaminate water, causing skin allergies.

6. Home Office

According to a report by Lending Tree, 53% of American homeowners primarily work from their own dedicated office spaces. On their report, 24% of renters also have a home space, while 22% work remotely from their bedroom. The Covid 19 pandemic has changed the old culture of working away from home.

With that said, you need a home office to avoid the high cost of renting an office when you move. Secondly, a home office is more peaceful because of the quiet environment compared to shared offices where you get more distractions. Moreover, you get the freedom to create an ideal workspace because most workspaces have strict rules about decorations.

A home office also saves you from tax because you use part of your home for business. It also enhances the work-life balance. You can set aside an hour to interact with your family before you return to the office work. On the other hand, you can do laundry between calls as well as pick your children up from school.

Local home remodeling companies will help you design an office around your basement. The basement is the coolest place to set up your office because it has less noise and disturbances. However, you can also set up the office upstairs if you already have an entertainment space in the basement.

7. Bedroom

You shouldn’t spend the day in comfortable places like the office and the yard and later sleep in the bedroom which lowers your mood. After the tiresome daily work, a bedroom must be your reflection and relaxation zone. As such, enhance the safety in your bedroom as the first step.

Ensure the bedroom is clear of unnecessary furniture and bulky items that can cause injury. Set up your bed at the central part of the room to leave space for the heater and avoid fire. Moreover, set enough storage space for your clothes and personal items.

If you have a master bedroom, ensure the bathroom is clean and well-treated to prevent mold growth. Keep the floor dry to avoid slipping, and ensure good ventilation in the room. Seek window cleaning services because dust accumulated in the window panes can expose you to respiratory health risks.

Finally, hire electrical contractors to update the lighting and attach the electric cords to the wall. Cords running along the floor can cause accidents within the bedroom, especially when you’re unconscious after waking up.

8. Living Room

A living room is where you hold talks with your guests and family. A focal point of the living room design is what will draw the eye. So, if you have an older HVAC system around the living room, swap it with the latest smart model. Additionally, clean and replace the ceiling fans.

Replace the ceiling and ensure the furniture is in good condition. You can also swap the furniture for new ones and add a good carpet in the central region. A good carpet will trap the pet’s hair and dust. Further, consider hiring a hardwood flooring company to install a wooden floor because it adds value to the living room.

The other thing you must consider for the living room is the lighting. Lighting determines the mood and the atmosphere of the room. So, when you move, get rid of the older bulbs and install the lighting of your choice. Here are the lighting options you can choose:

  • Ambient lighting: ceiling lights, including track and recessed lighting. It gives enough light to see everyone clearly in the room and perform various tasks.
  • Accent lighting: it creates a calming warm glow in the room. It has a concentrated light beam like lamps, spotlights, and wall sconces.
  • Task lighting — it includes table lamps, pendants, or under-cabinet lights, which are great for activities like crafting, puzzles, or reading.

Any project that adds functionality and value to your home is what you should prioritize when you move. Projects like exterior and interior renovation should top your list. Remember to invest in mental health because it’s essential for the family.

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