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  • How to take care of your basement

    We often think of our homes as sanctuaries against danger and usually they are. Homes are a place of rest and relaxation, recuperation and rejuvenation against work and the stresses of outside life. This is all fine and well but that doesn’t mean the home doesn’t have its own set of dangers we should look […]

  • Radon Danger 5 Frequently Asked Questions

    Radon mitigation companies are out there for your safety and health. Identifying severe radon levels in its early stages can be a lifesaving discovery. Sadly, according to the Surgeon General, radon is now the second leading cause of lung cancer in all of the United States. If you?re curious about local radon testing or want […]

  • Are Smokers Really More at Risk of Lung Cancer After Being Exposed to Radon?

    Local radon testing should be done periodically if you want to avoid the side effects of radon gas. What is radon? It is a radioactive gas that naturally occurs. It comes about when uranium begins to breakdown. It can usually be found in igneous rock as well as soil and sometimes in water. There have […]