Keeping Warm This Winter Why Firewood Could Become More Valuable Than Gold in the Cold

More people today are choosing to heat their homes using firewood. Wood is a renewable resource, so people who care about sustainability might be interested in using it for that reason and others. A bag of wood is also more affordable than you think. While some people frequently chop wood themselves, you’ll often need a heavy ax for that task. Cutting wood is a physically demanding process, especially for people who aren’t used to it for whatever reason. A log splitting service can help you cut some very large pieces of wood.

Getting firewood in a bag can be convenient for you if you’re thinking about selecting wooden materials as fuel sources. Fire wood sales are increasing, which could help slowly make high-quality wood products more available. As more individuals become familiar with the overall importance and uses of firewood, relying on it might only become easier for you.

Not everyone has a working fireplace at home. That said, plenty of homes have them, especially if the houses in question were constructed years ago. You can heat a large building effectively with firewood in plenty of cases. It’s a home heating strategy that people used for a long time for a reason.

Firewood for sale

There is something mesmerizing about fire that seems to harken back to something primal within us. A fire means warmth, light, and protection; it is said that the innovation of and mastery of fire is what drove human evolution forward. To this day, fire remains crucial to the human experience as one of the defining factors of our species. This deep-rooted psychological connection with fire remains to this day, perhaps that is why most people will pay more for a home with a fireplace.

Utilizing Your Fireplace This Winter

As modern indoor heating innovations replace the traditional wood-burning furnaces that once kept homes warm, it is surprising that many people still want to have a fireplace in their homes. A 2012 survey found that buyers rank fireplaces as one of the three amenities they would most like in their new home. Statistically, around 60% of new homes have a fire place; this represents a 36% increase from houses built in the 1970s. Although gas fireplaces are becoming popular, many people agree that there is no replacement for the scent, feel, and look of a genuine wood fire.

The Science Behind Fire

Fire is a chemical reaction at its heart; it is literally the rapid oxidization of material in a visual process known as combustion. In order to survive, a fire requires three things: oxygen, fuel, and heat — also known as the ignition source. In a typical fire wood acts as the fuel, yet there are other factors at play that affect how good of a fuel source the wood will be. A study from New Mexico State University found that seasoned wood burns better and provides roughly 20% more heat value than green, wet wood. In order to burn properly, wood must reach a moisture content of less than 30% in order to release the optimum heat. Freshly cut wood may appear dry, but can contain up to 45% water making it a less than ideal fuel for a fire. With accumulation likely this winter, it may be difficult finding dry wood without a service.

Ensuring You Will Always Have Firewood This Winter

The first thing any fire builder ought to have is a dedicated area to store and dry out wood; ideally this should be an area divided off in 4 or 8 foot increments in a location that will remain dry. Many people choose to store their logs in the basement, by doing so it is recommended that you use a dehumidifier to take the moisture out of your logs. A number of companies in chilly areas are taking advantage of the poor weather by providing firewood delivery services to neighbor’s doorsteps. Many of these companies allow individuals to find quality firewood for sale via the internet or a telephone service; they regularly deliver the logs based on the needs of the customer. Ensure that your family will stay warm and comfortable this winter by making sure you’ll never run out of dry, quality logs this winter.

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