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Are Getting Ready to Decorate Your First College Apartment?

Cyan mirrors

This is the weekend that your oldest daughter has been waiting for. After spending a rather lonely summer on campus, a number of her friends are moving back this weekend. Most importantly, her roommate would be moving in.
During the nearly three months that she stayed on campus, your daughter would call and keep you up to date about what was going on in her life. She would have three of four day stretches when she was really busy with new student orientation and prospective student campus tours, but then she would have a stretch of days where she had very little going on.
That all changes, however, this weekend when the rest of the orientation crew moves onto campus and prepares to help move in the freshmen and get them ready for the school year. The 48 hours that your daughter and her roommate have befor

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Radon Danger 5 Frequently Asked Questions

Radon mitigation

Radon mitigation companies are out there for your safety and health. Identifying severe radon levels in its early stages can be a lifesaving discovery. Sadly, according to the Surgeon General, radon is now the second leading cause of lung cancer in all of the United States.

If you?re curious about local radon testing or want to simply know what is radon, you might want to consider doing a little research beforehand. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding local radon testing and all its dangers.

  1. What’s the actual risk involved with radon and getting cancer? — Most

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Mold Has Been Attributed To Allergies, Coughing And Even Asthma Is Your AC Unit Up To The Task?

Ac repairs

Summer may be down, but it’s not out. You still have weeks and weeks of sweltering weather to look forward to. How is your AC unit faring? If you’re noticing it keeps making strange noises throughout the night or just doesn’t cool a room like it used to, it’s more than possible you’re lagging behind on AC maintenance. Your air conditioning unit is one of the most robust elements in your home. Unfortunately, that also means a lot more can go wrong. Before you consider renovating your backyard or adding new tiles in your bathroom, consider giving your AC unit a touch-up to prepare you for the hot days to come.

Check off the questionnaire below in your head to give yourself a good idea on whether or not you need a check-up or an outright replacement.

Is My Energy Bill Too High?


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When Was the Last Time That You Added New Flowers to Your Landscaping?

Landscaping duluth minnesota

Until the tour campus tour guide pointed it out, you never would have guessed that the beautiful landscaping around the college included vegetables. You vaguely remembered thinking that a couple of the plants in the arrangements in the pots and in the ground areas looked f

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3 Tips for Finding the Right Custom Sheet Metal Shop

Oval duct fittings

There are any number of reasons you might be looking for a good sheet metal shop. Industries ranging HVAC installation and maintenance, to auto repair, to construction and building maintenance — not to mention uncountable others — utilize sheet metal shops for custom fabrication to get their jobs done.

It isn’t just a small deal to make sure you find a reliable sheet metal shop. Your project is only as strong as the sheet metal that it is made of. Even the slightest flaw in the custom fabrication of your oval ducts (for example) could throw the entire project into chaos. We don’t want your project to crumble in chaos, so we’ve put together a list of things to look for in a sheet metal shop.

  1. Look for experience in your industry.

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