How New Acoustic Building Products Can Improve Functionality

Sound abatement

Designers, homeowners, musicians, and school and healthcare administrators are all aware of the importance of acoustics. Keeping extraneous sounds out and providing the right acoustics for sound and speakers to be heard within a designated space are essential to designing schools, concert halls, studios etc. New trends in acoustic building products make it much easier to incorporate these concerns into design. Functional and design friendly elements like decorative laminates and ceiling clouds combine visual appeal with acoustic functionality.

The importance of acoustics
Musicians and designers of concert spaces understand the importance of acoustics, in keeping undesirable external sounds outside, and allowing the music to be heard clearly and without interference. Schools and hospitals, too, are discovering how sound affects their functioning.
In schools, external sound, whether loud noises or continuous background “community noise”, interferes with the students’ concentration, keeping them from participating fully in lessons. Hospitals are discovering that patient healing happens quicker and better in a quieter environment.

Soundproofing for safety and health
Soundproofing can be a matter of and safety. Continuous exposure to loud sounds can lead to hearing loss. It is estimated that around 26 million in the age group 20 to 69 years, or 15% of all Americans, suffer from high frequency hearing loss. This is caused by exposure to continuos loud noises, over 85 decibels.
It’s not just loud noises that can be a health hazard. Continuous background noise or community noise can be harmful too. Researchers have found that when community noise levels go above 40 decibels, the risk of heart disease increases. Soundproofing homes, school, hospitals and other buildings can Improve the quality of life and work for the inhabitants.

Acoustics and design
Incorporating acoustic principles and soundproofing in building design is important, since it aids in the fulfillment of the building’s function. With new materials like acoustic wall coverings and decorative laminates, architects and designers can bring their acoustic designs to life.
With ceiling clouds, wall panels, and decorative laminates, new acoustical products offer a variety of styles and designs for nearly every kind of building, from homes to hospitals to concert halls. Some of the new building products are:

  • Acoustical Ceiling Tiles
  • Blades and Baffles
  • Ceiling Suspension and Grid Systems
  • Clouds and Canopies
  • Drywall Systems
  • FRP Ceiling Tiles
  • Gypsum Tiles
  • Integrated Ceiling Systems
  • Metal Ceiling Products
  • Translucent Materials
  • Trim and Transitions

Acoustic building products like soundproof wall panels and decorative laminates can help designers to achieve their acoustic and soundproofing goals without sacrificing style and aesthetic appeal. Dual purpose acoustic ceiling products and tiles come in a range of attractive colors and designs that can add visual appeal to any space while improving its acoustic quality.

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