The 5 Best Wood Deck Materials

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The warmer months are on their way and it’s time to prepare for them. Have you bought all your summer clothes? Have you been hitting the gym in order to perfect your beach body? How does your house look? Is the deck ready for all our summer parties and warm weather guests? No? Well, that’s ok. You still have time.

If you need some help developing the perfect look for your deck, look no more. Here is a list of some of the best looking and working woods you can find for building a new deck. After reading this list, call a professional such as a fence contractor and find out the prices towards your next social investment. Then, invite your family and friends with confidence as you work to better the look of your backyard. Here are five wood deck materials that you should be considering.

  1. Western Red Cedar
    Western Red Cedar looks like it sounds with a reddish shade of brown. This type of wood is very durable. It can last for up to 30 years due to its resistance to decaying. That said, you have to maintain it or it will fall susceptible to the elements. With that in mind, you must keep on hand tools such as sealers to make sure the wood stays strong.
  2. Redwood
    Another “reddish” wood to consider is redwood. That said, there are several colors to choose from that range from a red to a dark reddish-brown much like the Western Red Cedar. Unlike the Western Red Cedar, there are grades of this wood that are highly resistant to decay and weathering. One such grade would be the clear heart grade. It’s important to stay on top of this wood or the color will change to a yellowish-red or a black.
  3. Mahogany
    This wood is one that is known quite regularly around the globe, even in circles outside of woodworking and design. Just like with the prior two entries, there are several different looks, grades, and species to this wood. It’s important that you speak to a deck construction professional who will be able to find the proper type of wood for your needs.
  4. Ipe
    The next of the wooden deck materials is Ipe. This wood is strong and, unlike the others, does not require a lot of maintenance. In addition, Ipe is great at holding off chipping and splintering too. That said, due to this strength it is harder to cut. The extra effort in labor to cut the wood will show up in your bills and expenses. Then you also have to add the fact that you may want to seal it in order to keep the color the same. All this adds to about a 20 year expectancy for the wooden deck.
  5. Pressure-Treated Lumber
    Lastly, it’s important to consider pressure treated lumber. This type of wood is automatically resistant to rot and insects. In addition, it is cheaper than if you were to go with the red colored woods. Out of the other deck materials, this is the cheapest and most available. Many contractors use it. From fence builders building a fence to deck contractors.

    Of course, just like the others there is good and there is bad. There are some problems that come with type of wood. For instance, with lower prices you might come across problems in the wood such as shrinking, warping, and twisting within the wood. Again, this wood is cheap and widely available. That said, the lower you go with the prices the worse the quality of the wood will be. If you’re going to pay a premium for this type of wood, you might as well pay it for one of the other woods.

There are many different types of woods out there. These different types of woods have different good and bad things about them. That said, if you look for a professional to help you along with way, you can figure out which of these deck materials is best for you. From there, you can prepare your home for the warm months ahead. Have a party, invite guests, start up the grill, and enjoy the great outdoors in your backyard with a beautiful wooden deck to help you along.

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